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Theme for 2013 — 2014: This Is Public Hell

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2014 Spring

03/18 General Meeting
03/03 After Tiller film screening
03/02 facilitator meeting
presentation at Minority Health in the Midwest conference
02/18-02/19 (attended) UIC Faculty Union strike
02/15 facilitator meeting
01/28 Abortion is a Public Health Issue lunchtime discussion
01/11 Shock Doctrine film screening

2013 Fall

12/08 facilitator meeting
11/24 APHA report-back lunchtime discussion
the public health impacts of and the policies and ideologies that created this prison nation presentation at American Public Health Association conference
11/03 Stop Bloomberg's "Stop and Frisk" policy protest at American Public Health Association conference
10/29 A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home activist discussion and community forum with Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, Metropolitan Tenants Organization, Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health, Public Health Student Association, UIC Department of Urban Planning
10/24 (endorsed and attended) One Hundred Years of Sexual Health In Chicago: The More Things Change… lunch symposium
10/16 How Does Housing Relate to Public Health? discussion
09/23 General Meeting

2013 Summer

08/28 Radical Data: How (Not) Counting Prison Inmates is Concealing Racial Inequality lunch lecture with Becky Pettit, author of Invisible Men: Mass Incarceration and the Myth of Black Progress and Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington
08/23 Gave testimony at Cook County Hospital board meeting
08/02 (endorsed and attended) IVAW's 2013 National Convention plenary event, 21st Century American Militarism: Occupation Abroad and Resistance at Home
07/27 Where is China Headed? discussion
07/24 (attended) rally to save Chicago Public Schools at Board of Education meeting
06/17 Governing Obesity in the Neoliberal City planning meeting and discussion
05/28 Wrote statement of support and attended South Side Trauma Care Forum hosted by SHE and FLY
05/11 1st Anniversary Party party
04/28 (attended) The Labor Research Action Network's (LRAN) event Labor Scholarship and Worker Justice: Innovative Collaborations in Chicago
04/26 Gave testimony at Cook County Health & Hospital System board meeting
04/22 How to Survive a Plague film screening and panel discussion
04/15 Mass Incarceration guest lecture and discussion at College of Social Work class

2013 Spring

03/27 (attended) Rally and March to Stop School Closings
03/21 Absolutely Safe film screening
03/18 (attended) Arundhati Roy lecture (and happy hour debriefing)
03/16 War and Peace: A Public Health Perspective / The Health Consequences of War conference with GHSIG and EMERGENCY (USA)
03/14 (attended) Dr. John Rich & Dr. Ted Corbin—Viewing Urban Violence Through the Lens of Trauma
03/12 Shattering Families: How Mass Incarceration Harms Parents and Children seminar with CLAIM and Visible Voices
03/10 (attended) National Coming Out of the Shadows Day
02/25 General Meeting
02/22 Mass Incarceration presentation Minority Health in the Midwest conference
02/12 No More Deaths: Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime / Resistance, Immigrant Justice, and What We Can Do to Help activist discussion and community forum with Latino Union of Chicago, Immigrant Youth Justice League, EMERGENCY (USA), GHSIG, MSAPH
02/07 (attended) Capitalism, Sexism and the Roots of Sexual Violence discussion at UIC's African-American Cultural Center, hosted by Chicago Socialists
02/04 Guest lecture and discussion at Northwestern University's Public Health and Its Discontents class
01/28 The House I Live In: Mass Incarceration, the Drug War, and Public Health film screening and panel discussion
01/21 March for Moratorium on Deportations protest
01/10 The New Jim Crow winter break book club

2012 Fall

12/12 planning meeting
11/19 Prison Industrial Complex discussion
11/18 planning meeting
11/12 Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba are Changing the World's Conception of Health Care lecture by Steve Brouwer and reception
11/08 (attended) Amy Goodman/Tavis Smiley/Cornel West lecture at Northwestern
11/04 baking party / planning meeting
10/26 (attended) Chicago Area Workers' Cooperatives Conference
10/22 Status of Cholera Epidemic in Haiti (Draft resolution to be presented at APHA) lecture and discussion
10/17 (attended) FLY Community Forum on the need for a trauma care center on the South Side
10/15 Maternal and Child Health: Doulas, Infant Mortality… discussion
10/03 The Take film screening
09/19 Neoliberalism in Chicago discussion
09/15 (attended) Chicago Teachers Union solidarity rally
09/05 Concept-mapping: Homelessness, Violence, Health Disparities (Inequities), Food Security/Food Access General Meeting
09/03 planning picnic

2012 Summer

08/24 Tabled at SPH new student orientation tabling
08/20 (attended) The Next Movement's Treating Drug Abuse as a Public Health Issue, Not a Crime forum and panel discussion at Stroger Hospital (followed by RPH social debriefing happy hour)
07/17 Nonprofit-Industrial Complex discussion
07/03 Food Access and Food Security discussion
06/13 discussion
05/30 discussion
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