First Month Recap

12 Jan: RPH wiki is more or less a month old!

Stats from our first month:

  • Editors: Eleven people joined and edited pages. Six made major edits (creating new pages or making major improvements).
  • Articles Members wrote 19 articles, made over a hundred edits, and wrote help pages based on help requests from users.
  • Visitors: 76 unique visitors visited the site 405 times (5.32 visits/visitor), and looked at 10.5 pages per visit (4,246 pageviews).
  • Busiest days: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (followed by Monday).
  • Busiest hours: 10 pm to 2 am.
  • Most most viewed pages: (in order) main page, violence, mass incarceration, neoliberalism, and recent changes. (Next five: black panther party, abortion, anarchism, participation, and help).

Next steps

What should we prioritize going forward? What would you like to see happen in the next month?

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Recent chatter

This Is Public Hell!
Our Radical Public Health declaration articulates Radical Public Health's (RPH) theme for this year: This Is Public Hell. We seek to show the common threads among a variety of often-overlooked inequities and to raise the critical consciousness that is a necessary foundation for learning and action.

First Month Recap
12 Jan: RPH wiki is more or less a month old!

What is On Topic?
What is on-topic on this wiki? That is an open question. Please participate in exploring it! Here are some thoughts so far:

Wiki Created
Welcome to the new Radical Public Health wiki! This is a part of our project to push graduate public health education to better serve the people of the world. We hope to develop documents to support class projects, capstone projects, and curriculum reform. Please consider participating — this project will require a vibrant and active community in order to succeed!

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