Classes We Recommend

Spring 2014 at UIC SPH

HPA 494: Health Inequities

We just wanted to make sure everyone knew about this excellent class that is being offered this semester. Some of us at RPH have taken it in the past, and it was by far our favorite course. There are still a few spots left, so make space for it in your schedule and sign up! You will thank us (but you don't have to).


CRN 21460 Fridays: 1P – 4P Room 1001

Teaching Team:

Linda Rae Murray M.D. MPH, FACP
Angela Odoms-Young PhD. M.S.
LeMar Hasbrouck M.D. MPH

Class description

  • What questions should we ask? What arguments are going on and why?
  • Why are some people healthy and others not?
  • Where do the health differences among social groups originate & can we trace them make to their deepest roots?
  • What pathways lead from root causes to the stark differences in health status observed at the population level?
  • In light of the answers to the first two questions, where and how should we intervene to reduce or eliminate health inequities ?
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