Disability, Chronic Illness, and Deafness

Public health and disability

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Topics in disability and public health

Specific topics


General topics

Some RPH events about disability and chronic illness


Mia Mingus (2010 Nov/Dec). Changing the Framework: Disability Justice: How our communities can move beyond access to wholeness. Disability Justice 19(6):4-5. http://www.resistinc.org/newsletters/articles/changing-framework-disability-justice

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The Critical Curriculum on Psychotropic Medications is a free online or home study course that provides up to 12 continuing education (C.E.) credits for counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health practitioners, and up to 14 C.L.E.R credits for attorneys. http://criticalthinkrx.org/

"Open Dialogue" is an innovative approach to acute psychiatric crises developed by Jaakko Seikkula, Markku Sutela, and their multidisciplinary team at Keropudas Hospital in Tornio, Finland. Starting in the eighties, there have been a variety of research studies of Open Dialogue and its outcomes with early psychosis. Garnering widespread international attention, the results consistently show that this approach reduces hospitalization, the use of medication, and recidivism when compared with treatment as usual. For example, in a five-year study, 83% of patients had returned to their jobs or studies or were looking for a job (Seikkula et al. 2006), In the same study, 77% did not have any residual symptoms. http://willhall.net/opendialogue/

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