01/28 Abortion lunchtime discussion

With forty one states banning access to some abortion care after a certain time point in pregnancy, recent highly publicized battles against late term abortions in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nebraska, and the subject of an award-winning documentary, After Tiller, the on-going battle for reproductive justice throughout the United States has important public health implications.

Join Radical Public Health for a brown bag lunchtime discussion:  

Access to Abortion Care is a Public Health Issue

Tuesday January 28th 2013
SPH room 132 

Attached you will find a short scholarly article published in 2013 examining who seeks abortion care at or after 20 weeks:

Foster & Kimport (2013) Who Seeks Abortions At of After 20 Weeks (pdf)

Please join us to discuss this pertinent public health topic and share your insight about access to abortion care!

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