03/18 General Meeting

Dear Radical Public Health,
Join us for a general meeting next week!

WHEN: Tuesday, 3/18, 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Email moc.liamg|ciu.hpr#moc.liamg|ciu.hpr for the location

We're meeting to talk about what we've accomplished so far and what we hope to accomplish moving forward (and how). As always, the meeting will be a BYOB collaborative meal, so feel free to bring food or drinks to share or just come as you are.

Here is a working google spreadsheet for you to add any topics you want to bring up for the meeting. Just follow the link below and please add the topic, ideas to discuss, and who is introducing this.



Agenda (reposted from google spreadsheet)

Topic Ideas to discuss Person introducing
Dissemination of information presented at MHMC Conference + strategic networking with interested members in the audience Thoughts on creating a presentation for RPH general audience, to high school students in program for minority students interested in healthcare, and general dissemination of critical thinking and narratives of international health care systems Miguel Rodriguez
Potential Event: book discussion Potential event: book discussion re: chapter from Nancy Krieger's Epidemiology and the People's Health Wesley
Lapel Pins Hopefully, we'll have a quote or two on pins and can discuss fundraising and make a decision on purchasing. Wesley
National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression forum in May info on our involvement, discuss purchasing space in program, brainstorming ideas for how we can build momentum and interest among RPH in advance of the forum Alison
expectations for officers identify goals for next year and expectations for the role of "officer" Alison
wiki/website discuss potential functions of website, ways people can contribute Alison
SPH Curriculum Efforts Public Health Impact Curriculum Project Wesley
Potential Event about Statistics and the ease of deception I want to organize a discussion about to not get fooled by statistics, for it's incredibly easy to be deceptive. Professor Awadalla would be willing to lead it, and it wouldn't be very math-intensive, so it would be wonderful for non-BSTT students, as well. However, I know it's easier to reserve space in the building and advertise if a group like RPH was to support the project. Is this something you might be interested in helping with? There isn't much planning or work to be done besides some advertising. Shikhar Shah - Epi/Biostats MPH - MD program
Intimate Partner Violence and HIV transmission Discussion Discussion meeting during National Public Health Week - organized by Sarah Argentine, Sarah Franseen and Amelia Ryan. Sarah Argentine
Fair Tax in Illinois: event? A Better Illinois — lunch event at SPH? Campaign on a fair tax in Illinois. Wesley
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