Eviction and Foreclosure Defense In Chicago

Who are some Chicagoland-area experts?

Martha Biggs and Ebonee Stevenson (Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign)

A People's Housing Authority Chicago Tonight on WTTW:

"We basically negotiate with the banks and say, 'Man, look, we'll fix this property up, we'll keep this grass cut, all we asking for is this lady don't have to sleep in her car or don't have to be homeless.'" Biggs said.

"Nine times out of 10, they agree. They say, 'Well, as long as she don't mess this property up.' But nine times out of 10, the property's already messed up because you left it abandoned for four years."

Michael Donley and Carmilla Manzanet (Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction)

Couple Arrested After Fixing Up 'Dream' Home That Wasn't Theirs:

"Late last month, four weeks after they moved into the long-vacant home, the rightful property owner gave them the boot, had them arrested and locked the place up with their possessions still inside. Now, Michael Donley, 46, and Carmilla Manzanet, 43, face trespassing charges and have no place to live.

"On Tuesday, the couple of 15 years stood outside the home at 1527 W. Birchwood Ave. along with some supporters to ask for their stuff back, but also to call attention to the fact that they and millions of others have a 'lack of access to the American dream, which is home ownership.'

"'It's obvious we occupied this house because of lack of funds. We needed a place to stay. We know what we were doing was an occupation,' he added….

"They considered moving to a shelter, but hated the idea. 'Shelters are what they are. You're almost in some state of captivity in a shelter,' Donley said. 'The need for the address is right up there with oxygen. You need it.'"

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