Bake Sale guidelines

How to reserve a space at Student Center West

(if you are planning on having your bake sale at Student Center East, you must apply directly through staff there, and they cannot approve space for SCW)

  1. Contact staff at SCW at the Meetings and Conferences office to reserve the time, space and table, you can do so via e-mail, phone, or visiting in person, you will most likely need our COF #
  2. Once you have been approved, request the food insurance form (a very simple form, definitely needs COF #) and submit
  3. Be sure to ask for a table and any information that you should know as they will not hesitate to kick you out for bureaucratic reasons.

How to reserve a space at SPH

  1. Contact John Slavick via e-mail to discuss the purpose of the bake sale and get the go-ahead to talk to the front-desk staff re: whether the day and time are open
  2. Speak with the front-desk staff to confirm availability of space
  3. Note that you cannot actively solicit individuals/encourage them to come to the table, they have to come to you.

Other things to consider:

  • Out of courtesy to staff and in the interest of maintaining good relationships, as well as to ensure the bake sale will be approved in time, try to request to both SCW and SPH at least 2 weeks ahead of time.
  • Be sure to keep track of funds (noting the end-of-day amount and keeping in a secure location).
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