Email guidelines

Type of E-mails We Typically Send to Each List:


* Initial meeting/event announcement (except for planning meetings)
* Reminders about general meetings/major events

RPH Only

* Any e-mail including specific address & contact information for a meeting held in a facilitator's private home
* Announcements & reminders about planning meetings
* Meeting notes

When to Send E-mails (See Also: Facebook guidelines and wiki event and blog guidelines)

Major Events

* Original announcement: ideally at least three weeks in advance of event date
* Reminders: about a week before & day of or day before


* Original Announcement: as soon as it's scheduled, ideally at least two weeks in advance
* Reminders: about a week before & day of or day before
* Meeting Notes: within a week of the meeting

Forwarding Messages from Other Groups

If you (or RPH) receive(s) a message that RPH may want to forward to SPH or to our LISTSERV, forward it first to the co-facilitators adding to the subject line "PLEASE RESPOND." Co-facilitators should have 48 hours to express their agreement or dissent. If no one dissents, it's okay to send out from moc.liamg|ciu.hpr#moc.liamg|ciu.hpr to either SPHVIEWS (and RPH, for reasons above) or RPH. If we receive an outside request to forward a message less than 48 hours in advance, we generally will not forward it.

When forwarding messages from other groups, to clarify that this is not our message, add this note (or something like it) at the top:

Please see below for a message from [such-and-such group].

If we want to go a bit further to express our support for or solidarity with the group and its message, we can include that in the introductory comment, such as

Please join Radical Public Health in support of/in solidarity with/in attending [event/group/etc.]

How to Send Emails

When we want to send an e-mail only to people who have signed up to receive e-mails from RPH, we send it to our RPH LISTSERV. Until we have an actual LISTSERV, that means we send it from the moc.liamg|ciu.hpr#moc.liamg|ciu.hpr account to moc.liamg|ciu.hpr#moc.liamg|ciu.hpr and BCC our entire contacts list.

Sometimes we want to reach a broader audience, so we send an e-mail to the SPHVIEWS LISTSERV, which is distributed to all current and former students, faculty, and staff who choose to be on the LISTSERV. This does not reach our members who are not directly associated with RPH, from the College of Nursing, etc. So when we send an e-mail to SPHVIEWS we also need to BCC our entire contacts list. This can be done in the same e-mail. It will send duplicate copies to people on both lists, but it's the only way (we can figure out so far) to ensure that we reach everyone. To send to SPHVIEWS (and the RPH list), put ude.ciu.vrestsil|sweivhps#ude.ciu.vrestsil|sweivhps and moc.liamg|ciu.hpr#moc.liamg|ciu.hpr in the To: box, and BCC our contacts list as explained above. When you send an e-mail to SPHVIEWS, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. It usually comes within a few minutes but can occasionally take hours. Your e-mail will not be sent to the SPHVIEWS LISTSERV until you click on the link in the confirmation e-mail. If you sent the e-mail to our RPH contacts list at the same time, however, it will be delivered to those contacts immediately.

Sending e-mails TO: only moc.liamg|ciu.hpr#moc.liamg|ciu.hpr and BCC'ing our contacts list is really important to protect the privacy of all of our contacts!

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