Welcome! This help page is for you if you're new to RPH Wiki or want to do more with it! Learn your way around, edit and create pages, and get help when you're stuck. If this is your first time on a wiki, check out What is a wiki for a quick intro. You can get back to this page from the "Need help?" link in the sidebar, or by typing "Help" into the search field in the sidebar.

Edit and create pages

  • Edit any page you want (you must join first). Use the "edit" link at the top or bottom of any page.
  • For editing questions, see the wikidot syntax how to. Quick help:
    • When editing, surround a word or phrase with three brackets to link to the page with that name ([[[help]]] would link to this page). If there is no such page yet, the link will be red.
    • Empty lines separate paragraphs.
    • Asterisks (*) introduce list items (like this list!). One list item per line.
    • Plus signs introduce headings (+ introduces a top level heading, ++ introduces a level 2 heading, and so on).
  • If you like how a page is formatted and want to steal its style, click "view source" at the top of the page and peek behind the scenes. Copy-paste away!
  • To create a page: make and click a link. If the page doesn't exist, it will invite you to create it.
  • To delete a page, replace all its text with the word "delete".1 If you create an experimental page, please delete it.

Get familiar with the sidebar

  • The Main page has links to events, our blog, and other site content.
  • Use the search bar to search the wiki for content.
  • Visit Participate and Recent changes to see what has changed since your last visit. Go to a recently changed page and click the "history" link at the bottom. Figure out how to display what the last contributor changed. This is a very useful skill.

Be Awesome

Use good style and be on topic. The quality of this wiki depends entirely on the creative community that gathers around it. Thanks for pitching in!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License