Labor, Privatization, and Deregulation

Public health and labor, privatization ,and deregulation

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Image from issue 43 of //Science for People//, 1970s journal of British Society for Social Responsibility in Science (BSSRS).

Topics in labor, privatization, and deregulation

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Some RPH events about labor, privatization, and deregulation

  • 2014 02/18-02/19 (attended) UIC Faculty Union strike
  • 2014 01/11 Shock Doctrine film screening
  • 2013 10/29 A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home
  • 2013 10/16 How Does Housing Relate to Public Health?
  • 2013 07/24 (attended) rally to save Chicago Public Schools at Board of Education meeting
  • 2013 06/17 Governing Obesity in the Neoliberal City discussion
  • 2013 04/28 (attended) The Labor Research Action Network's (LRAN) event Labor Scholarship and Worker Justice: Innovative Collaborations in Chicago
  • 2012 10/26 (attended) Chicago Area Workers' Cooperatives Conference
  • 2012 10/03 The Take film screening
  • 2012 09/19 Neoliberalism in Chicago discussion
  • 2012 09/15 (attended) Chicago Teachers Union solidarity rally


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