Radical Public Health

Radical Public Health (RPH) is a group of students, alumni, faculty, and staff from the UIC School of Public Health, joined by community members, that seeks to address the systemic, underlying causes of public health challenges and to consider more radical solutions. RPH hosts group discussions, guest lectures, film screenings, teach-ins, and panel discussions. See our web page and facebook page for more about us, or start a Radical Public Health group at your school.

RPH was in part founded in response to public health curricula that we think inadequately address several topics of extreme importance to public health, including: militarism, war prevention, and peace promotion; mass incarceration and the prison nation; neoliberalism; trauma and sexual violence; protest and dissent as key tools to achieving health equity; and broad discussion of economic and political oppression and structural violence. The goal of achieving health equity requires that these subjects and others be thoroughly covered in both scholarship and practice of public health. RPH promotes active discourse and action to address these issues of extreme importance to the health of the public.

We bring radical perspectives to the branches of or specialties within public health, such as Global Health, Nursing and Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Environmental Health, and Occupational Health and Worker Safety.

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