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Grace KellerGrace Keller wrote:

Comments from a friend

"I think the Violence and Trauma page would be good like how the access to health care page is. It would be great to have a list of types of violence, with an option to click on one and then go to a whole page all about suicide or intimate partner violence or whatever. Also cause then that page could have a clear list of resources specific to that topic.

"I notice that the section for What are approaches to preventing violence and traumatic stress? and the resources on violence and trauma part don't have any books. Is that on purpose? I can think of hella books that should be listed but does there need to be a separate book section? I will say it feels a little public healthy. Like the logic that "most people" don't read books so it's best to just give them short web lists to look at. I'm sure that isn't the reason but I will admit that I am on the constant look out for that mentality.

"there is an ok definition of structural violence but the way it's defined and then laid out doesn't really acknowledge that all the listed types of violence are products of systemic violence.

"no offence but is the goal of having everything from the CDC and the WHO an attempt at neutrality? Cause it don't work like that. This is just a little tanty not something that I think needs to be conveyed

"about the trauma part. Ofcourse I think violence and trauma can and should go together but there is a way that are linked and then separated and then linked again on the page that is a bit chaotic. Does that make sense? Maybe there could be a separate page about trauma healing and resiliency?'

"I would love to add info and resources about trauma and trauma healing and it's large impact on health and well being … but somehow it doesn't feel like anything I would add could fit on that page. I mean I am not committing to that but if it was easier to navigate then maybe I would."

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