Good Wiki Citizen

Good Wiki Citizen practices include:

  • Fear not. This wiki suffers more from lack of editing than from too much. We appreciate your help.
  • Document your changes. Each time you edit a page, briefly describe your changes in the "Short description of changes" box at the bottom. "Added section on adolescent health" is great for a major edit, "fixed more punctuation errors" excellent for a minor edit. Anyone can see what you did by glancing at Recent Changes or the page history.
  • Fix your own mess. If you abandon a bad page, it might stay bad.
  • Fix grammar, spelling, and factual inaccuracies. Spelling and grammar improvements are always welcome. Also fix any factual inaccuracies.
  • Make a link. When editing, turn key concepts into [[[internal links]]]. Someone may have already made a page about that topic, and if they haven't, maybe someone should. Also, fix a link if you see terms or red links that almost point to pages you know are on the wiki.
  • One improvement per page. Consider gently improving each wiki page you visit.

Leave the wiki at least as tidy as you found it.


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