One Improvement Per Page

If every member made one improvement to each page they saw, we would have an even busier Recent Changes. But, more importantly, we would have:

  • Better content
  • More feedback (if you write something, and it gets improved in a way you didn't think of, you learn)
  • More evenly distributed maintenance The current wiki reader to writer ratio is over 40:1. This doesn't necessarily imply that 39 out of 40 people are slacking off. However, if more people make one improvement per page it would avoid the situation where a very small minority does all the tedious maintenance.
  • Less fear of editing If you know that other people are there to catch your mistakes, you'll be more likely to take the editing plunge. If other people trust you to do the same, then they'll be more likely to make their edits. It's a beautiful cycle.

It is almost a guarantee that you can find something to improve on any page.


  • Balance viewpoints
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • Improve wordings
  • Link it to other pages
  • Link other pages to it
  • Add items to lists (hint, hint)
  • Fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Fix bibliographies

Of course, when you do find the occasional page you can't improve, by all means just enjoy it.


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