What Is A Wiki
  • Anyone can edit any page and is encouraged to do so. On any page you wish to change, use the "edit" link at the bottom or top. If you are not a member, you will be invited to join RPH Wiki.
  • Each page keeps a version history, so don't worry about screwing up; other community members will build on your changes or recover stuff you deleted by mistake (this is done with the "history" link at the bottom or top).
  • Recent Changes lets you see how others are changing or adding to the wiki. There is a link in the sidebar.
  • When you edit a page, words surrounded with three brackets like [[[Help]]] are automatically linked to the page named after that word. If there is no such word, the link will be red. If you click red links, you will be invited to create a new page with that name.
  • When you edit a page, links surrounded with one bracket go to other, different websites.
  • See help to learn how to find your way around, edit and create pages, improve the wiki, and get help when you're stuck.

If you are wondering why a wiki works socially, one answer is at Why Wiki Works.

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